Changing session timeout for testing

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Hello, My team and I are trying to work with selenium testing. We are wanting to do RA-849, but it is in the backlog. Would someone be able to move this ticket out of the backlog to ready for work. We have already started working on the ticket and are aware of what is involved.

With that being said we have ran into an issue. It seems like the only way to efficiently do this test is to turn down the session timeout to a minimum so the test does not have to wait for several minutes before finishing. How would we go about temporarily changing the session timeout? Or if there is a better way to force an session timeout please let us know!

If anyone can help with one or both of these questions that would be wonderful!


Jira Ticket RA-849:

Similar issue that we are aware of, but not sure how it would apply to our case:

Just login and leave the browser open. Then come back to it after like 30 minutes. No need for changing the session time out.

@dkayiwa Thanks for the response!

Waiting for 30 mins is the easy solution and would work, but for the purpose of selenium testing wouldn’t it be extremely inefficient to make the test wait idle for 30 mins before being able to complete. For the tests wouldn’t we want to turn the session timeout down to a few seconds or a minute to increase the speed of the test?

My understanding is that the ticket you are working on requires manual testing. Not writing the automated test. Unless i got this wrong. :slight_smile: