Changing concept description wont reflect on form builder forms

I’ve created a consultation form using bahmni implementers interface form builder where i used a concept set as an obsGroupSection. After publishing the form i can register observations. But after the form is published changes to concepts wont affect the form like changing the description to one of the child concepts. What is the best way to go about triggering rebuild of the form json after a change to the concepts? I only want concept short name and description to reflect on the form.

As suggested here retiring the concept to trigger the form rebuild is still TBD


You need to publish a new version of the form in order to reflect those changes.

Edit the form → remove the concept set → add the same concept set again → Save and Publish

This should help.

** edit

I’ve actually used to do that after changing concept short name and description. If concept set is removed and readded the concept set. But this removes the concept controls within the concept sets and i have to readd them. Which is not a good solution as im trying to migrate multiple instances. After running sql migrations is a good way to rebuild the form. Maybe thru an endpoint?

the reason is that form2 caches and puts all such sets in the formdef. This helps to not make additional calls and the forms can be downloaded with all metadata included and makes it faster and work offline. Maybe we can introduce a feature through which you can force to reload the set members, or as you suggest add an option which will load/search only when you type. Maybe you can bring this up for discussion in Wednesdays PAT call?