Changes to provider in 2.0

I was taking a closer look at the changes that were implemented as part of TRUNK-3382 and am thinking this work was partially done, I think we should have dropped the name field in the provider table and also added a migration changeset to auto create person records and link them to their respective providers where necessary, otherwise currently you end up with invalid providers because they’re not liked to persons.

I’d imagine that the reason why the auto creation of person records wasn’t done was because info like their gender and birthdate was unknown, this is another reminder that in OpenMRS we need to revisit Person.gender field to support values like unknown

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How about simply disabling setName(), return linked person name, but for those cases where a person is not yet linked, we return the value in the name field, for backward compatibility?

The domain object is fine, it’s the data in the DB that am concerned about

It is for those cases of data in the DB that i would call for getName() return that field when not yet linked to person.