Changes to daily IRC scrum meeting schedule

Hi Now that DST is no longer applicable, it would really helpful to learn what time works best for the scrummers so that the daily scrum meeting can be shifted accordingly Please log your votes with respect to Mondays :slight_smile:

  • 14:00- 14:30 UTC / 9:00- 9:30 ET
  • 15:00 - 15:30 UTC / 10:00-10:30 ET
  • Any other time (please leave in comments)

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Thanks :slight_smile: //cc @dkayiwa, @wyclif @raff @jdegraft @k_joseph

We’ve always had the scrum at 10.30am EST regardless of whether it was DST or not and it seemed to work fine.


As always, I encourage all OpenMRS meetings to be scheduled in the UTC time zone, so I am casting my vote for 14:00 UTC (as it previously was before this past week). I realize I don’t participate in the scrum meeting, so I hope there are plenty of other votes to increase the sample size.


@dkayiwa @raff @jdegraft kindly tell what works best for you so we can finalize the time for scrum

Well I will prefer to keep the time adjusted for DST, since the community is worldwide I am fine with an earlier time, ie no adjusted for DST.

Agree with Michael we should finally use UTC to schedule meetings! Otherwise such questions will be coming back :slight_smile:

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I cannot help but agree too! :slight_smile:

Awesome! So scrum meeting shall now be at 14:00 UTC - 14:30 UTC @michael @jthomas Are we good to update the wiki to reflect only UTC times for scrum?

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Should it be 30 mins or 15? :slight_smile:

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yup! 15 sounds more practical :slight_smile:

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Hi scrummers, 14:00 UTC us way too early from Scrummers in the US ( 9 am ET). Would it be all right to shift the scrum to 14:30 UTC? Can we have one final vote to decide the final scrum time.:slight_smile:

  • 14:00 UTC (9:00 ET)
  • 14:30 UTC (9:30 ET)

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I guess there are no australian scrummers :grinning:

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14:30 UTC sounds fine to me

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Awesome! So the official scrum time is 14:30 UTC - 14:45 UTC from now on i.e November 18, 2015. //cc @michael @jthomas

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Can you update the wiki page and main events calendar times? Thanks!

updated WIki Page : Currently, we will be having the scrum meeting on every working day form 14:30 - 14:45 UTC :slight_smile:

p.s When DST is on, 14:30 UTC will clash with Developers Forum(10:00 -11:00 EST ~ 14:00 -15:00 UTC) on Thursdays. We could either have a consistent scrum time during fall and make adjustments in spring or have the scrum at a different time on Thursdays. I think @michael supports the former.

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Hi Scrummers,

As DST is back on, we are reverting to the following scrum schedule : Mon - Wed and Fri : 14:30 UTC i.e 10:30 a.m EST Thursday - 15:00 UTC i.e 11:00 am EST (after the dev call)

Please let us know if this time works with you all and I’ll update the wiki accordingly :slight_smile:

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For me, this worketh! :smile:

Sounds fine to me

Cool, I’ve updated the wiki with the schedule we’d observe over the entire year :slight_smile: