Changes related to referred out tests in ELIS

Test count in the dashboard

The statistics displayed on “Samples Collected” list such as: “Total”, ”Pending Tests", and “Pending validations” are not counting the referred out tests. As some tests are referred out, then total count and pending tests are reduced by removing the count of referred out tests.

This is causing a few problems in the workflow:

When all the tests in an accession were referred out, the total count becomes zero and then the accession get dropped from the dashboard.

Further, When results are added for referred out tests, even though they are presented for further validation, the “Pending validation” does not count the referred out tests.

I discussed this with @akhilmalhotra and this is what is being done to fix this.

Show an additional column “Referred out” to show the number of tests that referred out and not added results yet. It will increase as tests are referrred out and decrease as results are added for them. As results are added for referred out tests, the Pending validation count will increase accordingly.

The referred out column will be present only when a configuration is set.

In any case, the total count and pending validation count will be fixed, so that it would always count the referred out tests in the accession.

This is being tracked with a JIRA Ticket. BAH 1079

Result entry for referred out tests

There are a few problems in adding results for referred out tests, currently. While entering results for referred out tests, user is forced to enter a value in the results field. In most of the cases, there will only be a pdf report to attach, so user prefers to leave the result field blank. In some cases, results for multiple referred out tests would be given in a single pdf report, hence user wants upload the report only for one test and then skip uploading for rest of the tests.

Hence we are doing the following to fix this:

Provided a checkbox named as “Mark as Done” in “Referrals” screen. If the user selects this check box, the referred out test will be considered as completed and will be moved to the validation stage, without validating whether a value was entered or a file was attached.

This is being tracked with a JIRA Ticket. BAH 1078

We are considering to raise PR for both the above tickets for upcoming .93 release if everyone agrees. Let us know if you have any comments.

@angshuonline @buvaneswariarun @akhilmalhotra1