Changes are not reflecting after restarting tomcat

Hello, I want to remove this footer links from the admin panel. I’ve tried everything but still no success. I also tried to edit and footerFull.jsp but after restarting the tomcat server nothings happening. and my changes are gone :frowning: what do I need to do? Thank you (=

Which version of the OpenMRS platform are you dealing with?

Check the screenshot. It’s enterprise version 2.0.5

For that platform, you can do it in the legacyui module here:

I’m pretty sure you didn’t read my post at all. I’ve already edited that file but after restarting tomcat server it shows same (previous) code. in short changes are not reflecting.

I actually did read it. But i thought you were modifying the actual deployed file. Because it is in those circumstances that your changes are overwritten. Are we on the same page? :slight_smile:

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Yes i’m modifying the actual deployed file. Do I need to compile legacy-ui module to reflect changes?

Yes you need to recompile and deploy the module.

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Ah! Ok, got it now thanks. So we can’t edit without re-compile modules? Sorry not familiar with Java. only ruby. :frowning:

You can turn that on during development to automatically pick up your changes on edit. But you will still need to compile teh module for distribution, when done.

Alright. Thanks for your help.