Categorising reference application tickets

There’s several modules in the RA that don’t have their own jira projects, the RA’s jira project acts as a bucket for tickets that actually would belong to those modules’ jira projects if they had them. I think sometimes there is value in being able to find tickets that belong to a specific module but currently there seems to be no way to do so. I was proposing that we find a way to categorize tickets that belong to a given module, one option that comes to mind is to use jira labels where the label is the module id, labels have the advantage that you can assign multiple of them to the same ticket since there can be RA tickets that can require work that cuts across multiple modules.

What are your suggestions?

Labels will work great. However where possible, JIRA projects for modules can be created. As a matter of fact, we can use labels where a ticket is for one module which has a JIRA project but affects another module with or without a JIRA project.

I would think that the “component” in JIRA is suitable for this.

-Darius (by phone)

Yes components should also be able to work since you can also assign multiple to the same ticket, @jdegraft some modules do have their own jira projects. In theory, the dev curating a ticket should determine and specify the components(modules) the work that needs to be done belongs to.

I vote for components. They must be predefined so we can limit them only to modules that do not have its own JIRA project. Labels can be created by anyone and misspelled.

Agreed! So we are going to use components, I’ll find time and create them so we can start assigning them to tickets.

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Thanks @wyclif!

Done! Next step is to actually assign components to existing tickets that are not yet resolved.