Cashier Role in Bahmni

I’d like to have biller and cashier role in the system.

Biller : someone who has the right to key in line items in the sales order, giving discount, etc Cashier: someone who has the right only to accept payment ( I dont want cashier to be able to give discount, nor remove line items in the Sales Order / Quotation.

Any idea how can I achieve this ?

Hi @abiieez, Access Rights, Roles, Users are a bit complex in Odoo/OpenERP. Quotation is editable but SaleOrder is not editable interms of adding/removing sale items. So with some process enforcement or some tweaks in Access rights we can achieve your requirement.

  1. Billing person will create Quotation and Confirms it to be Sale Order. But one extra step here is in Bahmni Customized OpenERP, once the Quotation is confirmed to be SaleOrder it is automatically taken to Customer Payment which the Billing Person has to discard.
  2. The Cashier can open the SaleOrder, he can “View Invoice” where in he can “Register Payment”, Ideal scenario is Cashier should have access only to SaleOrders. Please confirm if this works.
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I can see Billing user by default in openERP. How do I create Cashier user ? What access rights the cashier should have in order to view and register payment ?

Maybe the online documentation from OpenERP can give you some insights into how OpenERP allows you to setup Users/Roles.