Case study: Partners In Health/Zanmi Lasante EMR

The Partners In Health (PIH) program in Haiti, known locally as Zanmi Lasante (ZL), operates clinics and hospitals at 12 sites across the Central Plateau and the lower Artibonite, two of the country’s poorest regions. Zanmi Lasante connects vulnerable people in Haiti to comprehensive primary care services and HIV prevention while working in support of the Ministry of Health’s goal of universal treatment coverage. Across all of our sites, PIH/ZL is prioritizing investing in systems that support high-quality, longitudinal care for our patients.

Since 2009, OpenMRS implementations have been introduced for MDRTB, Primary Care, Physical Rehabilitation, and Mental Health at ZL health facilities. PIH/ZL expanded the stable, point-of-care OpenMRS EMR utilized at University Hospital at Mirebalais to our supported clinics at Thomonde Health Center in Thomonde, Haiti and Lacolline Health Center in Lascahobas, Haiti.

The full story…Partners In Health / Zanmi Lasante EMR

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