Case Study for 2021 Google Season of Docs

Google made several improvements to Season of Docs this year. In addition to completing monthly evaluations, we’re also being asked to develop and submit a case study about our experience. We have until November 30 to submit our final case study and our final evaluation.

I’ve started a Google doc with the case study template. Who would like to share their experience working with our new project page template, improving a squad or team’s getting started documentation, etc? Who is willing to help write the case study? To review it and suggest improvements?

@bstuder99 @gracebish @kaylinbracey @christine @kdaud @hadijah315 @eddjomo


Thank you @jennifer for this post. I wish you could also involve the operations team to help with questions concerning the Participants and the Budget since they have been managing the two.

FYI, the case study and final evaluation were submitted to Google Season of Docs on Tuesday the 30th.