cascade parameter never used

Method purgeConceptStateConversion in class org.openmrs.api.impl.ProgramWorkflowServiceImpl takes a boolean parameter cascade which is never used.

	public void purgeConceptStateConversion(ConceptStateConversion conceptStateConversion, boolean cascade)
	        throws APIException {

To figure out if cascading is needed or not I looked at this wiki page: But the only image of a data model seems to be of version 1.9.0 and it doesn’t seem to contain a table concept_state_conversion.

Are there any entity relationship diagrams of newer versions?

Are there any descriptions of the tables? Particularly concept_state_conversion?

How to go about this?

To answer some of my questions hoping this might help others:

There are current diagrams in your local instance of the community edition of MySql Workbench (Database / Reverse Engineer…). What a great tool. And all for free.

All relationships the table concept_state_conversion has are of the one-to-many type with it at the many-end. I guess cascading wouldn’t make much sense.

Also, looking at other methods with input parameter ‘cascade’ in other service implementations one finds that frequently exceptions are thrown saying something like "Xxx.cascade.purging.not.implemented" . My favourite though is the one with the message "". :laughing:

Thanks for sharing answers to your questions. :smile: