Can't upgrade from OpenMRS 1.10.6 to OpenMRS 1.11.8

I was just trying to upgrade from 1.10.6 to 1.11.8 and it’s failing because of a checksum validation error during the liquibase update. I checked and it does look like as part of TRUNK-3422 inconsistent change sets were introduced:


Was there a reason for this and has anyone come up with a quick workaround? @mseaton @wyclif

Take care, Mark

I cannot think of anything else other than doing and back port.

for what it’s worth, our workaround at the end of the day was simply to delete the bad changesets from the changelog. (The changesets all have preconditions so they just get marked as already run on the next run). (I can’t guarantee this will work for all cases, though :slight_smile: )

delete ID from liquibasechangelog where ID like 'TRUNK-3422%';

When you compare the changesets from the 2 revisions, is there actually any changes between them?

@wyclif yes, the privilege names were changed from “View” to “Get”

I see, the only work around is to delete the changeset from the liquibasechangelog table.

Yeah, that’s what I figured in the end…

I think we need a ticket to fix the changeset to have a valid checksum so that others don’t have to do the same work around.

Ticket added here:

Thanks @mogoodrich!