Can't submit XForm with precise numeric data

cc @dkayiwa and @akanter

I am creating a new xform with this concept

The type is numeric and precise is checked.

On submission , the form fails to be submitted , but when i uncheck the precise button it is successful

Am i designing the form wrong?

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What error message did you get?

There is no error message displayed on the screen , just the form will not submit

I think this issue had been discussed on this thread!topic/dev/ABSPqfZc4eg

And the tomcat logs?

No error on tomcat logs – This is what it shows on the design surface - The red dot

This is the concept – Precise is checked

If i edit the concept to Precise is false – then it saves without an error

What error message does it show when you hoover the mouse over the red icon?

Error is value should be between 0.0 and inclusive

Do you mind creating a ticket for this?

I mind :slight_smile: I will create one –

Ticket here :

@dkayiwa do we have an update on this?

Fixed on: