Can't see any changes on local frontend

Application Name: openmrs-esm-patient-chart Verson: O3

Question: Changes are not being reflected on the frontend. I am making changes in the frontend modules and they are not being reflected at all on the localhost.

provide step-by-step instructions for others to reproduce the problem,

  1. setup the [GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-esm-patient-chart: This repo houses all EMR patient chart components for OpenMRS v3](https://openmrs esm patient chart) locally.
  2. run yarn start --sources 'packages/esm-patient-conditions-app'
  3. Make changes to the esm-patient-conditions-app (or in any module). a. Go to esm-patient-conditions-app/src/conditions/conditions-overview.component.tsx b. Comment out or add bunch of alerts()
  4. Dev server detects the changes and reloads, but nothing changes on the frontend. No alerts and no changes.

not a specific problem with esm-patient-conditions-app . Happening with every module. No changes are being reflected on the frontend.

Am I doing something wrong ?

I got this page when I reproduced as you said. Btw way how you figured out the username & password as I couldn’t find it?

@dennis I am forced to think that our import-map override is broken. Can’t work even with serving the openmrs-esm-patient-conditions-app.js manually

Hey, really thankyou for your consideration and reply, It was an installation error. I checked the logs, yarn was being killed halfway due to low ram and low swap size(I have a potato pc :sweat_smile:) but after clearing the swap partition and reinstalling it worked fine.


@psworld How do you login with the login here? where do you got the credentials ?

Technically, when using yarn start there are no import-map overrides. The esm(s) specified are directly added to the one and only import map.

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kin help please! I am unable to see my changes on patient chart app with this error thrown in the terminal. Kindly how can I go about it?