Cant login Bamboo

Hello Community @jwnasambu I am having trouble logging in Bamboo When I put in my credentials this screen shows up


@suubi7 Sorry about this! Just wondering which credentials you used to log in since I can’t find your account on Bamboo. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t mind creating an account for you and share the credentials in private.


@jwnasambu I thought when you have an openmrs ID, just like any other openmrs system you use those to login. Then I think its best you create for me one

“That’s an interesting approach! I appreciate your effort in trying to solve the problem. Well, your OpenMRS ID grants you access to several places, but not all; an example is Bamboo.”

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I have send you your bamboo login credentials and kind remainder please! Change the password immediately.

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Thank you @jwnasambu much appreciated.

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