Can't find user on OpenMRS Talk

I was trying to post something and CC Jonathan Dick (@jdick), but he didn’t show up as a user on OpenMRS Talk (can’t find him by typing “@jd” or “@jona” in the editor). I emailed Jonathan and asked him to sign into OpenMRS Talk using his OpenMRS ID, assuming that, once he logged into OpenMRS Talk, I’d then be able to find him. He confirmed that he logged into Talk, but it didn’t work. :frowning:

What does it take before a user shows up in OpenMRS Talk? Will he show up after some scheduled cron job runs? Or does he have to do something in his profile before I can see him? Or is he “invisible” on Talk until he has posted or read n posts or something?

Thought I’d ask, since I’m assuming this isn’t the last time something like this will come up.

Similar to our other applications, if a user has never signed in to Talk, they won’t appear in that application.

Despite what you may have been told, that’s the case with your above situation as well. :smile: