Can't create new department in Inventory module?

Platform Version: OpenMRS 1.9.8 OpenMRS Version: N/A

Question: I’m trying to install the cashier module and inventory module of openMRS but I’m having problems:

regarding inventory module, I cannot create departments to be referenced for items, If I click the button “Create Department” nothing happens. though I’ve added all the required modules specified in the site.

What could cause this problem?

I’m sorry , all the “create” buttons are not functioning well, there are no errors generated as well, I’m really lost here…

I’ve also used the demo site for cashier and inventory and it works smoothly , I can’t understand why my own setup is not even creating a simple department

Sorry to revive a post so old but in case anyone else runs into a similar issue the root of this problem is almost certainly that the REST module has not been properly configured. See here for instructions on configuring it.