Can't access system admin apps

I’m running the OpenMRS SDK reference distribution V2.11.0.

I’ve got the app up and running but there are a few apps within “System Administration” that do not work. Those apps are:

  • Manage Modules
  • System Information
  • manage Scheduler

When I click on any one of these apps, I get a 404 as you can see:

Is there something I’m doing wrong with my reference application setup?

are you able to reproduce this here on the demo server, Login

I’m not able to reproduce in the demo server. That works as expected

Hi @danialbet @herbert24, I also had the same issue . The version I’m using is Reference Application 2.12.0 - SNAPSHOT

Btw, @danialbet did you try launching the apps you mentioned, using Advanced Administration page

Yeah exactly. I went to Advanced Administration and then tried to launch them from that page.

I tried using V 2.11.0 and 2.10.0 and both don’t work for me