Cant access openmrs after running mvn jetty:run of openmrs core(war file)

■■■■ friends, I have been trying to deploy openmrs.war into the application server jetty using cd openmrs-core/webapp mvn jetty:run

for development purposes using openmrsVersion2.4.0-snapshot but it has been failing i have been following the same criteria on openmrs-core wiki, haven’t been able to deploy openmrs-war file in jetty run. My question can be a hint on how to drop database which seems to breaking the server to run successfully because i have been able to create database but updating to the latest has been a blocker

Here are the logs Kindly need your guidance because i have been blocked for some good time , if there is a need to update the wiki docs on openmrs-core we will need to do that, thanks cc @dkayiwa @ibacher @wyclif

i tried to delete all files in the App Data/OPENMRS folder as suggested by this thread here but i have been encountering similar error

It appears that the db you are connecting to already has the tables created and hence this liquibase error that there already exists a table. Try creating an empty db and connect to it.

Thanks @aman will try that

Finally i was able to run it successfully, What i did was to delete every databases being created, started mysql running in background a fresh ,removed Runtime time property file from APPDATA/Openmrs directory, and everything ran successfully