Cannot trace manageApps page within uiframework!

I am working on which requires to make a manageExtensions page that has to be similar to the manageApps page within the uiframe work.i successfully cloned the uiframe work from have tried to trace for the manageApps page but couldnot see it! i would like to get some guidance on this

Hello @herbert24,

What OpenMRS platform version are you using…?

hi Nathan i am using uiframework 2.0

Well, I meant the OpenMRS Platform version not the uiframework version but have a look at this.

@ruhanga a little bit on what i have done.I have cloned the uiframe work ,after i imported it to my ide which is eclipse as an existng maven project.After,i looked for the manageApps page within the uiframework which i failed to trace,hope this could give a picture of what i am trying to do!

if you have OpenMRS (version 2.0 and newer) installed and deploy-able according to this then you can go ahead and follow closely this other link to ensure your user interface is up and running.

Note that the uiframework module is a development framework to come up with custom user interfaces and has no real display content. What you want I presume is to use the Legacy UI module to have a functioning user interface.

Hoping you are running the enterprise version of OpenMRS and not the standalone.

Hello @herbert24, just in case I got the wrong context of the problem :smile: , did you any way try to follow these links (manageApps page and ManageAppsPageController)as mentioned in the dev notes of the ticket you are working on?

@ruhanga wow thanks much,after following the above two links i got to notice that i was operating under a wrong module,so i have cloned the openmrs-module-referenceapplication and got to the pages that i wanted.thanks for the help