cannot install providermanagement via openmrs sdk

Hey there!

Same issue as discussed here. This problem is based on H2 database compatibility issues. The downside is, the providermanagement module does not use liquibase for database changes, so the solution must be either to find a syntax with compatibility for MYSQL and H2 or to port the module to support liquibase.

However, I created a fixed version for H2 compatibility in my branch

Any suggestions how to manage this @dkayiwa, @raff ?

@bgevam Do you have some time to create a liquibase.xml file for the providermanagement module?

Yes I’ll do that. Any suggestions on the changeset seperation? I’d do one for every create statement, on for the 2 alterations and one for the insert. Also possible would be just one big changeset, because this is our current “state”.

Could you create a ticket + short description?

Here is an example that you could follow:

Yes go ahead and create a ticket.