Cannot handle datatype: N/A

Hi Everyone,

I am busy working on a form in the HTML Form Entry Module and am following all the instructions online about referencing concepts but I keep running into a problem where I get confronted with the error that the N/A datatype cannot be handled. This is problematic as I want to reference various Convset’s but it wont work for some reason.

For example, I would like to display a list of checkboxes of all the Set Members in ConvSet #162552 and I tried to do one, like this:

<obs conceptId="162552" answerConceptId="162298" answerLabel="ACE inhibitors"/>

but I run into this error:

UI Framework Error

Root Error

java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot handle datatype: N/A (for concept 162552)

Any other concepts I reference that have different Datatypes work perfectly, but N/A just doesn’t want to work :frowning:

Please help!


CIEL Concept 162552 is this:

  • Reference application common drug allergens [en]
  • Class: ConvSet,
  • Datatype: N/A

It is a set of concepts (drug allergens), and does not allow for value answers. I assume you are using something different from the Allergy UI module/tables?


Hi Ellen

Yes I realise it is a set, and what I want to is display all the options within that set not as a dropdown but as checkboxes rather, hence why I used the object tag format as per the ‘cripnotes’ in the basic form.

Ideally I want to link to the allergy UI module, which I was hoping what I am doing is the way?

How about if you changed the data type to Coded?

Hey Daniel,

Could do, but it’s quite a lot of the concepts that we need that are N/A. Surely there must be a way to display items with the datatype N/A though? I’ve tried all different types of obs declarations but NONE of them seem to work.

probably the htmlformentry field renderer doesn’t know how to handle those other datatypes. does it sound good enough to support that?

Does that mean your form is filled with very many ConvSets? Around how many?

@dkayiwa Roughly just under 10 sets.

In that case the easiest option is to just edit their data type from NA to Coded

@biancajembi How about updating the HTML Form Entry tag to handle N/A for Convsets?

Can you share the tag within your form to help drill down further?

I would recommend adding a new concept (or selecting an e xisting coded concept) – (ie. “Allergy” with finding/coded). Don’t add concept_answers to that allergy concept , but use that concept on your htmlform along with the set members of “Reference application common drug allergens” (for example – )

As @ball mentioned, the concept Reference application common drug allergens (162552) is used to define a list of common drug allergens – i.e., that concept is answering the questions “what are common allergens used in the reference application?” Using it as a series of checkboxes is meaningless; similar to:

Common shapes?
▢ Square
▢ Circle
▢ Triangle
▢ Rectangle

That doesn’t make any sense, because you are taking a list of things and putting checkboxes in front of them. If you want to ask a question, then you need a concept that actually asks a question (i.e., a coded concept in this case).

I think your problem with HTML Form Entry is that you are trying to convince it to re-use that concept as a different concept. What you want is a concept like ALLERGY MEDICATION LIST with multiple choice answers drawn from Reference application common drug allergens (162552). Alternatively, maybe HTML Form Entry already has (or could have) a way to query for patient allergies (assuming that’s what you are after).

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@burke I’m starting to understand now, I must say the way concepts are set up is so tricky to wrap your head around! Me and my team have been battling to decipher it all week!

To further explain (visually) what Im trying to do:

I also discovered that the version of the CIEL dictionary we are using is outdated - hence why I did not pick up the ALLERGY MEDICATION LIST as mentioned in your comment.

Thank you so much for your input!