Cannot find controller method for request method GET Error!!

i am working on th ticket that requires me to create a manageExtensions page similar to the manageApps page within the reference apllication module.First,i have created a mageExtensions.gsp under webapp/pages.i also created a ManageExtensionsPageController under is the code that i have written in ManageExtensionsPageContoller ,so as to render the manageExtensions page.After building the .chmod ,i install it in my referenceaplication so as i can aceess the manageExtensions page,but i get this error Could there be a problem with my controller?i just want to basically render the manageExtensions .gsp Page

Hello @herbert24, I noticed you missed out the kind of method you are interested in (and that is GET) in the mappings annotation @RequestMapping("manageExtensions.htm") .

could you try this

 @RequestMapping(value="/manageExtensions.htm", method=RequestMethod.GET)        

out by replacing the above mapping plus don’t forget to do this import

import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RequestMethod;

see if it works out :slightly_smiling_face:. . . .

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@herbert24 do you find this resourceful too ?

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hi,after replacing with the above mapping i run into this error ( HTTP Status 404 - /openmrs-standalone/WEB-INF/view/referenceapplication/manageExtensions.jsp).I can render jsp pages very well,could there be a difference when rendering gsp pages when using spring mvc?

thanks for the link it widened on my knowledge on files served by the web app

@herbert24 gsp’s are templates ,why are you considering these View Technologies ?

the ticket whose link is above involves use of gsp’s instead of jsp’s

@herbert24 can you put your controller at ?

this is the link

Did you place the manageExtension.gsp in the correct file path of your local repo of the ticket you are working on i.e.



If possible you can also share the link to your git repo just to make the issue/problem clear enough.

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You can also consult this guide to help dive smoothly into groovy

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@herbert24 on top of @ruhanga "s link i hink among other things uses uiframework ,hence has a special kind of springlike controllers which you want to use.The gsp templates used are slightly modified too so does the rendering so you may also want to follow those conventions. You may want to look at Flexible method signatures and this example

@ruhanga and @tendomart ,let me first look through the above guide and tendo’s example then i get back here thanks