Cannot acess Github with Mobile phone hotspot yet i can access all other sites including google

Hello People!

I have tried to to generate a .omod file using mvn clean install for module openmrs-module-coreapps (I hope this is the right way to generate the file in this module. You can correct me if astray) On running the command mvn clean install i get this error.

I want to deploy the module in tomcat, make changes and see if the problem is resolved. If there is any way i can run this module on a browser without need to generate a .omod file? However, I am running a windows machine with openjdk version “1.8.0_242”, npm verssion “6.14.11” and node version “v14.13.0”.

Your help will be much of importance. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: cc @herbert24 @mozzy @dkayiwa @grace @aeze @sharif and anyone willing to help.

According to the logs, it indicates that some dependencies from npm packages where not downloaded, Make sure you have stable internet and your module is up to date with master branch

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Thank you @sharif for the timely response. My module is upto date, however, I think you are right i am seeing this 'gm' is not recognized as an internal or external command.

let me find solution for it and i reach you.

Clean your m2.e folder and try running again with U flag mvn clean install -U

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what commands are you using to make your module uptodate?

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i used git fetch --all

Thinking of this, what is the difference between git fetch and git pull?

However, i was able to finally build the module and got the .omod file. `The problem was with just network. . I had to change from using my mobile phone hotspot to using the school wifi network.

Actually, i cant access GitHub while using my mobile phone hotspot yet i can access all other sites including google. Could anyone in Uganda(my current can t location) have faced the same issue? Is this only related to Airtel, my current ISP or even on other networks? How can i resolve this?

@jnsereko i think this link will be helpful.

I’m not sure on this but I’m from India and sometimes I face the same issue. I think this is due to the internet provider.

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So it is not a local problem as I thought?
Do we need some configurations in our devices to settle this?

As a matter of fact, I cant clone pull or even push code.

cc @dev5 and anyone experienced with GitHub and git as an overall.

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Can you share the error log

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No any specific configuration. This happens to me only occasionally, but after sometime its start working normally.

It’s a matter of concern. i didn’t face such a problem. what happens when you try to do this? As @kdaud said, can you share your log?

@jnsereko GitHub is currently blocked in Uganda across some networks, so this issue will happen depending on the connection you are using.

If you run into any challenges, use a VPN


Thank you @ssmusoke @herbert24 @kdaud @sharif @medhavi for your help. I will try a VPN and send feedback.

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What experience do you get when you connect to your git-hub account using your mobile phone than hot-sporting on pc

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the mobile phone works and am able to access my account.

Great report! Then you should be able to access your account through hot-sporting as well.

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If you are using Airtel as your ISP, it blocked many sites than the Ugandan Gov’t decided, u need to run VPN (which you are probably doing on mobile and vpn configs are not shared with the hosted devices when tathering) or else switch to another ISP

Use on your pc browser and in the search menu where you see
Enter an URL or search query to access …
Enter and you should be able to connect to your account

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so this is the problem all along? I have come across only one VPN that can support tethering called HTTP injector. I guess this is the only option i got.
Am gonna try also changing to another ISP

thanks @kdaud and @k.joseph

@jnsereko do you mind sharing your experience with this use case