Cannot Access Wiki and Issue Tracker

Greetings, I can log into the OpenMRS Talk using my username and password but unfortunately, I cannot login to the wiki and Issues Tracker Pages using the same credentials even when I change the password. When I try, I get " * Sorry, your username and/or password are incorrect. Please try again." error.

What could I be doing wrong?

Hi, I think you need to put a request here to get access Jira Service Management .

Thanks @jagritvats, I tried that already. I was advised by @jwnasambu that access to wiki/jira is offered once. I reset the password but still I face the same challenge!

@seremba can you share the link to that help desk ticket where you exchanged with @jwnasambu?

@dkayiwa, sorry I cannot find the link, maybe because I got the help via my email. But “ITSM-4979” must be the helpdesk ID!

Hi @dkayiwa the link is here Log in with Atlassian account

I have just seen your exchange with @jwnasambu and noticed that she already gave you access to the wiki and issue tracker. As for not getting the reset password link, we recently had a problem with our mailing system. Can you try to reset again?

Thanks a lot! It is working fine now.