cannot access the PACS

Just installed bahmni on Fresh CentOS 7.6 everything is working but whenever I access dcm4chee through " http:///dcm4chee-web3" it failed to open with 404 Error

Not Found

The requested URL /dcm4chee was not found on this server


@angshuonline could be having an idea on what is the cause of this error?

Have you tried?

https://[your server IP address or domain]/dcm4chee-web3/

I tried that ,

Check if the service is running?

$ service dcm4chee status

it is running !

any more insight ? tried many things with no success

I think it might be an issue with the installation process as I installed it twice with the same issue with the dcm4chee

Add the port the Dcm4chee is running on