Cancelled: 2020-08-14 Technical Deep Dive time (in place of TAC)

No one has come forward with requests for the Technical Deep-Dive session tomorrow (which now replaces our TAC calls every 2nd week, so that our TAC meetings are more directional check-ins and less deep dives). I’ve followed up with everyone who had a TODO or topic of interest from the last call and no one is ready for deep discussion tomorrow. There’s also an OMRS Board Meeting overlapping at the same time. So let’s cancel the Technical Deep-Dive tomorrow, and we’ll continue with the TAC calls next week.

In the meantime: please continue to use the Design Forum times (or other times) to dig into the nitty gritty, so that the TAC calls can be a forum for clearer ideas to be presented.Just reach out if you’d like help setting up a Design Forum time and @jennifer and I are happy to assist! :slight_smile: