Can we use only Bahmni with out any combination of subsystems

Can we use only Bahmni with out any combination of subsystems

Hi @rakeshbasa, Yes, you can install only Bahmni without any subsystems like OpenELIS and OpenERP. You just have to configure your own inventory file to only install Bahmni. Please follow this wiki page for the Bahmni installation.

Yes, you can use just EMR part of Bahmni without installing LAB or ERP parts.

Bahmni Deployment Configuration.

Hi guys, Thanks for the info, now I need to setup development environment on Ubuntu machine and source code of Bahmni(with out any combination of subsystems).

Hi @rakeshbasa, Bahmni runs on CentOS. We don’t support Ubuntu but its there in our roadmap. So for Developer Environment you can install Bahmni virtual box which is pre-installed with CentOS. Please follow this wiki page. But you will have all the subsystems installed with Bahmni. You can choose to remove them by running the below commands. bahmni -i local stop yum -y remove bahmni-lab yum -y remove bahmni-erp yum -y remove bahmni-lab-connect yum -y remove bahmni-erp-connect bahmni -i local start ( Please ignore the error messages with this command )

Ok, now I will have my PC with CentOS, any detailed steps for Bahmni, needed source code of Bahmni(core) excluding combination of subsystems

Hi Rakesh, Do you now you want to try Bahmni on CentOS? The source code of Bahmni is available on Git Hub Bahmni Org.

Yes Swathivarkala, but the code I needed is only Bahmni source code with out any combination of subsystems

This Bahmni WIKI has the list of all source code repositories details. You can see and clone only the once you need. @rakeshbasa, may i know what exactly is your requirement to help you better with Bahmni.

@swathivarkala, Thanks for the details, my query is I do not want OpenELIS ,OpenMRS and OpenERP part of Bahmni, can I use Bahmni core

Bahmni is a wrapper on top of OpenMRS. So its not possible to use Bahmni without OpenMRS because Bahmni is distribution of OpenMRS. Please refer WIKI. But you can use Bahmni without OpenELIS, OpenERP/Odoo.

Hi, please @swathivarkala share the details for how to set up development environment for Bahmni and run in my local machine(completely)

@rakeshbasa, Please follow Bahmni WIKI to setup development environment.