Can we use episodes of care to make data captured in a program enrolment specific?


At one of our implementations we have the following use case:

  1. A patient is registered first
  2. After registration, he is entered into a program based on the treatment he is getting.
  3. Once his treatment is over, the program is closed.
  4. If there is a relapse of the disease, the patient is re-enrolled into the program.
  5. In this case, the data entered in the second enrolment needs to be distinct from the data entered during the previous enrolments.
  6. This means that we would need to generate program enrolment specific dashboards and reports.
  7. They would be differentiating the two enrolments based on program attributes like an ID, location etc.

We are thinking of implementing episodes of care to make the program data enrolment specific. We intend to associate an episode of care to one program enrolment.

What are you thoughts on this? Please let us know if there is a better way of handling this use case.


If I’m understanding the use case correct, I had assumed that you’d be able to solve it (or, part of it) just by using Program Enrollments and using the start and end dates of program enrollment to limit queries for data and determine which program enrollment a particular visit/encounter belongs to.

What are some reasons you want to have an explicit link between the program/episode and the visits/encounters in it (via the new db tables that will come with episodes of care), versus just having an implied link (because it falls between the program enrollment and end dates)?

(Also, Shruthi brought this up on the design call today; I think that Episodes of Care are going to have a significant impact across the API, so I think it will be a stretch to implement these in the 1.12.x branch, as opposed to the master branch, but let’s talk about this.)