Can we have a design call on the Initializer module?

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Would you be able to talk about the initializer module on an upcoming design forum – give a brief overview of your approach and discuss options for design? This could increase the chances for both coming up with an approach that the community wants to adopt & may increase the chance of others joining in to help.

Sure, any date/time on or after Mon 29th would work. @jthomas, could you setup a design call for this?

@mksd FYI @jeffneiman is playing the role for @jthomas

We can schedule this topic for 29 May or for 31 May because both are still open! Let me know which day works best for you!

Thanks @jeffneiman, let’s do 31st then.

Hi all! I am actually slowly coming back and am happy to take this back from @jeffneiman (who I can’t thank enough for all his help!). @burke @mksd is there anyone else you feel is required for the call on the 31st?

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I think we want anyone interested in having input on the road map for OpenMRS web app development to join us. :slight_smile:

Welcome back!

A short list from the top of my head: @ssmusoke, @mseaton, @darius, @dsurrao


Hi @jthomas, what’s the call time then on Wednesday?


Wednesdays from 2:00pm-3:00pm Eastern Time

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