Can we do better at putting tickets in the correct projects?

@dkayiwa (and various Andela and Soldevelo folks)

I just noticed this board in the OWA project:


The problem here (and I have seen other similar examples, including I think in the sync2 sprints) is that we’re incorrectly creating tickets in one project just so that they show up on a board. For a JIRA project that mainly represents an aggregate amount of work (e.g. refapp or sync2) this is okay, but for a JIRA project that’s supposed to be about a specific artifact (in this case the OWA module) this is wrong.

It confuses me to see this (under the OWA project):


You can actually create a JIRA board whose backlog is defined by a JIRA query and not by a project. E.g. you could create a label like “login-owa-refactoring”, apply it to tickets from various projects, and create a board from them.

Can you please try this other approach, so that you can move tickets to where they properly belong? (E.g. OWA-76 belongs in the Platform project. OWA-77 belongs in the OpenMRS Core project.)

Also @suthagar23 I notice that you have incorrectly created OWA-73, OWA-74, and OWA-75 in the OWA project when I think they belong in various other projects (which may need to be created).

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@darius Actually There is no specific project for SysAdmin Open Web App. So I followed this way from GSoC time to create and manage the tickets for the specific OWA development.

I have added the labels as “sysadmin” and included “in SysAdmin OWA” with the ticket title. I hope it will work :slight_smile:

@darius Noted. Thanks for the tip

You could always ask for the project to be created from help desk – or ask here on Talk – there are people not on Help Desk who can also do that task.

Thanks for the helpful information @r0bby. I will follow to make it :slight_smile: