Can we change the French translation for the login button in the Reference App?

Hi Everyone,

The French translation for the reference app login button currently returns:

referenceapplication.home.logIn=Connecté Dans {0} au {1}

Can we change it to the word “Connexion”?

If you agree, I’ll create a PR on master.

Thanks, Craig

For Haiti, we use French for the login page. Maybe this screen shot is helpful for the other messages/strings.


@craigappl, that seems like the wrong message code. Aren’t you talking about referenceapplication.login.button


Thanks for catching that Darius!

The translation for french referenceapplication.login.button=Connecté en Tant que {0} au {1}. which should be referenceapplication.login.button=Connexion

@craigappl, I approve of this change. Not that my French is fluent, but this seems like an obvious mistake. But don’t fix this with a PR. You want to fix it in Transifex as mentioned here:

(We have a scheduled task which will should pull this into the module within 24 hours.)

Hi Darius,

I submitted the translation today. I’ll check tomorrow if it was committed.