Can the Bahmni App be customized to show Names as: First Middle Last

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We are testing bahmni in Ethiopia. In Ethiopia people use 3 names [Given Name] [Father’s Name] [Grandfather’s Name] This maps easily to Given Middle Family, but Bahmni and openMRS default to using only Given and Family name.

Yohanis Petros Dawit would neber be known as Yohanis Dawit, but would be known as Yohanis Petros

Is there a way to setup Bahmni and OpenMRS (and OpenELIS, etc…) to use all 3 names, or just Given and Middle?

not sure if I understand this. Bahmni does provide first, middle and last name options. meaning a name is composed of 3 parts. You may capture full name as part of any of the fields. You can also specify that any name part can not be blank

Thanks for the response. I will clarify. I am hoping to always SEE all 3 names.

I can register the patient with 3 names and search results on the registration app show three names image

Here on the active patient screen, only First and Last are shown. image

Here on the patient Dashboard, only First and Last are shown image

As a reminder, in Ethiopia, a person has 3 names First Middle Last, but they are known by First Middle, but never First Last.

**This can be solved **

  • Go to openmrs setting (login as superman)
  • Administration >Maintenance>advanced Settings
  • Search for (emrapi.sqlSearch.activePatients)…
  • In sql statement add pn.middle_name,’ ’ at concat(pn.given_name,’ ‘, pn.family_name) which will look like concat(pn.given_name,’ ‘, pn.middle_name,’ ’ ,pn.family_name)

You can do this for emrapi.sqlSearch.activePatientsByLocation and so on

Also you can add new property

Hope I solved you problem so far

Excellent! That really helped. All the “Choose Patient” screens are working! However, it is not working on the Patient Clinical Dashboard


or the Consultation tool

or the patient visit summary page

or the Bed Management module image