Can providers be restricted to sign in at a certain location?

Platform version 1.11.3 Open MRS version 2.2 enterprise installation.

I have a implementation related questions.

  1. In my implementation I have 2 providers say 1) provider PA working in clinic location LA and 2) provider PB working in clinic location LB . Each of the providers are independent of each other.

  2. However they both share the same installation of OPENMRS.

  3. Now in the login page I presume that we will showing all the locations of one installation of OPENMRS i.e in our case LA and LB. (is the assumption right?)

  4. So when the provider PA logs into the openMRS , can he be forced to enter only LA as his location. He should not be choosing LB as his location as he is not a provider in that location. if he chooses LB as the location and tried to login ,he should be shown an error message.

  5. Is this possible , if yes what should be the set up for this kind of installation?

Thank you for your time.

I don’t think this is possible at this time, but this is functionality we have been asked for at our facilities, so something we may be adding in the future.

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Thank you for the response.

Are there any pointers that I can use to customize the solution for our implementation?

Like which part of code/files.modules to change tc etc.

Is it quite complex?

Please let me know


Unfortunately, no quick & easy pointers–the first step would be to have design discussion about the best way to achieve this.

Ok, Got it.

I will try to dig up some of my notes on our thoughts on it when I get a chance. Do you think have resources to work on adding the feature?

Right now my focus is on evaluating the current system and see if it deems fit for our usage. Right now I don’t have the bandwidth to implement on my own. But will surely pitch in with resource if need be in future. Anyways please do share your thoughts on this feature.

Thanks Shashi


I’ve faced the same issue as @sba370 , thanks for asking. I would like to know if there has been any progress on this matter, or any alternative solution.

Thanks for your time, Anas