Can not enter form, I got unexpected error message

While playing with form, I created a HTML formEntry form with only one text box that are linked to a concept, I added the form to the visit. when I try the form, I write any text then after pressing enter form button I got “unexpected error, please contact you administrator, error”

What can I do to correctly use my custom forms.

ohh sorry for that can you share the error using pastebin

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my logs:

a pic of the error Imgur

thanks in advance

You didnot share the full log, Can you share the full log

Can you share your custom tags of how you were trying to create your text box such that i can reproduce it, feel free to take a look

Am able to save a form reproduced on demo-server using concept id or uuid, depending on datatype you use when creating any concept, Am not sure whether i have answered you but still feel free let us know thanks

i tried the same steps I do on the demo server and I got the same error I created a form called SOAP, that contain a single text box. please have a look if you can

Ok copy the code you used in your htmlformentry area, and paste them here We would like to see how you used those tags some thing like this

<obs conceptId= "2861" answerLabel= "necessite d'un emploi" `/>

<h2>SOAP form (v1.0)</h2>

<section headerLabel="Subjective">
	<obs conceptId="165860" labelText="Complain"/>

  • Share the entire code of your form here.

  • Also delete all the existing logs from the tomcat directory, and try to save the form again, so that we can get the specific error logs for this case.

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these are the new server logs:

here is the entire code in the HTML form:

hope you can help me! thanks in advance

I was missing the essential elements at the top of the forms, and now is functioning properly

thanks to all

sure ,your code was missing taking the mandatory encounter details like date , location , provider

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sure HTML Form Entry Module Getting Started - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

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