Can not create visit

Reference Application 2.9.0

Hi I can not start visit for a created patient in the patient page. -even from admin user. After creating a visit, the page just refreshed to the patient page. I have checked the setting for the location to be able to create visit, etc but still unable to create visit.

Is there a setting to enable this after a fresh deployment/install?


from which browser are you trying to run from ?? i once faced that problem arising from using a wrong browser that doesnt support some js frameworks we use in reff app

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I am using Chrome the latest version

if your running from chrome, then its another cause we would need to address

Now can you attach a screen shot of the steps your trying to do??

can you reproduce your error from here ??

Hi , it seems that I get tomcat/webserver error everytime I do something in configuration in vanilla install of reference application 2.9.0 …

Are there a best practice install /setup for reference application 2.9.0? before I switch to Bahmni :frowning: Something like what OS (Centos 6.9, Mysql version, tomcat version, etc…)