Can i use Appointment info on the reporting module?

Hi, it is possible to use the Scheduling and appointment data on the reporting module? i need to create a report with the next appointment the patient is going to have and i don´t find any Data Definition to create one. can you help me?


Hi @elkinleon - the appointment scheduling module ships with a number of Appointment-centric definitions built for the reporting module. Have a look here:

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Ohh, ok. i see there the information that i was finding, but i’m a little ignorant on this things, I would have to use these Appointment definitions with a SQL Dataset?

Finally I opened my databases in MySQL Workbench, located the databases corresponding to the appointments that i need, like Time_Slot and Start_Time of that Time Slot and made SQL Patient Data Definition using the tables and columns of appointments.

i Use this Query to get the next appointment of my patient:

SELECT appointmentscheduling_appointment.patient_id, appointmentscheduling_time_slot.start_date
FROM appointmentscheduling_appointment
INNER JOIN appointmentscheduling_time_slot ON appointmentscheduling_appointment.time_slot_id = appointmentscheduling_time_slot.time_slot_id;

Thanks a lot for the help anyway.