Can I update Legacy UI module for OpenMRS in Bahmni

I notice Bahmni is still using legacy ui 1.2.4 ? Is it safe that I upgrade it to the latest lets say 1.3.2 ? Will it break anything ?

You never know till you try! :slight_smile: Give it a shot. Bahmni is running over latest platform libraries, so I would guess (a blind one at that), it should work. Its quite a lot of things areas to test verify though.

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Yes I did give it a try on my local and it works. I guess it’s safe to deploy it on the production. By the way, any reason why Bahmni isn’t using the latest Legacy UI module ?

Because nobody found time to verify and test out all the admin console UIs.

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Btw, its updated in the master.

If you find any issues, kindly let us know.

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