Can I import and OCL concept set whose members are in another source?

I’m exploring the scenario where:

  1. there are CIEL concepts representing common encounter dispositions (Admit, Discharge, Transfer, etc)
  2. I have a “Bahmni default dispositions” concept (in a Bahmni source) whose set members are those CIEL concepts (i.e. the set members are in a different source).
  3. I include the “Bahmni default dispositions” concept in my “Bahmni starter set” collection, and import it using the OCL subscription module. This should pull both my set concept, and also the CIEL members.

Is this possible? I know that I can create a concept that way in CIEL, but will the subscription module handle it? (I haven’t been able to actually test this yet due to OCL (and connector) annoyances and problems)

Hi @darius, #1 and #2 are correct. #3 is not quite, because exports only include the concepts and mappings from the repository you are requesting. You could do this by creating a collection that contains both the Bahmni concepts, the CIEL concepts, and the concept set mappings (since OpenMRS concept sets are represented as mappings inside OCL).

Indeed this works as long as I manually add the CIEL concepts to my own source.

(We’ll need to have this be handled automatically either on the back-end or in the UI.)