Can I have a parent-child setup across multiple clinics with Bahmni?

I am not an IT guy , maybe you already answer that question but here is the situation that I am facing : I have differently located clinics with unreliable internet , the thing is same patients do come in those different clinics ,so they need a unified chart . Is it possible to have a local server for each clinic , but those servers are feeding each other or may feed a master server whenever the internet is working in order to have the same information in each clinic ? I think the situation that I am facing is the same in many third world country as the infrastructure are limited, expensive and unreliable . If such architecture does not exist for Bahmni ,it would be nice if someone can work on it . Best regards, Jean

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Your question makes a lot of sense, because this is definitely a common use case that people have asked for.

Unfortunately the answer is that this is not currently supported. We’ve called this desired feature “hub and spoke”, but the issue is that it requires a very significant amount of development work. Here is a summary from when we discussed it in our most recent roadmap-setting process:

So, we don’t have any expected timeline for adding this feature, but it will eventually be built.

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Thanks for you answer . I do hope Bahmni team can work on it in a near future. Because many hospitals have remote branches or remote clinics . That type of achitecture would increase interest in Bahmni .

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