Can anyone point me to the code for Implementation of Provider Module in the Web App

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Hi everyone,

Can anyone please point me to the code for implementation of Provider Module in the Web App? I need to see how the APIs are being called for Adding, Editing and Deleting Providers.

I have succeeded in getting all the Providers but when calling the Retire API, I receive a Success call but the Provider isn’t retired. API:

@f4ww4z, @burke, @dkayiwa

cc @mogoodrich . This is the current API call.

Hey @deepak140596 how do you the provider isn’t retired.? I have checked calling the API through the PostMan and checked it on my localhost it works well.

http://localhost:8080/openmrs/admin/provider/index.htm This shows all the non retired providers. clicking on any provider you can see his details.

please check this would be helpful.

@deepak140596 didn’t this help in working out your problem ?

Yes @vankineenitawrun. We solved this problem. Now we are implementing the Provider Dashboard.