Can Android client accept data from external devices?

No error message received. It is Platform 1.11 openmrs-mobile client for android transmeter with nfc and bluetooth Is it possible that the transmeter send the tension of the patient to the corresponding field? Is it possible to synchronize the transmeter and openmrs-mobile

Hi @yakhine, sorry to hear that you’re having problems. I’m afraid that I cant follow exactly what you’re trying to do… As I understand, you’re trying to connect to an OpenMRS implementation via the android client, but cant connect? or is it that you’re trying to do something else? Can you please explain specific steps? :slight_smile:

I want to recover( a patient’s) information from a tensiometer on openmrs application automatically once it is connected with nfc ou bluetooth

I just try to connect health devices- for example tensiometer, or balance- to an openmrs mobile

Hi, currently android-client doesn’t have such kind of feature.I had include this feature in my GSoC’16 proposal and I will implement this if I got accepted(:slight_smile:). I have also worked on bluetooth low energy technology for some company for an android application, so that will be easy for me. What your opinion @raff ?, I think it should be implemented.

so can we do that with odk collect or odk clinic

This would be a great functionality that I have been hoping for. It could help manage high volume ambulatory clinics with separate registration, vital signs, and rooming steps. We are just beginning to explore implementation of OpenMRS in a mobile clinic environment in the Philippines. Good luck with your GSoC proposal.

thank you, @szlfsmit. I’ll try my best to implement this functionality.

@yakhine, sorry to reply so late, I was busy with my exams. I’m not aware of odk collect and odk clinic, I’ll check them and let you know if solution you’re suggesting is feasible or not.