Calling volunteers for Reviewing the Key Prs for Ref app 2.10 Release

Hello @dev3 @dev4 @dev5. We have these Key tickets that are currently putting the release process for Ref App 2.10 at a stand still. Volunteers are called upon to review So that We can get this work reviewed and merged ,as those are the Key Features we want included into Reff app 2.10. see Reference application 2.10 Release management page




At a minimum if we have those reviewed and merged ,The release process can continue .

cc @c.antwi @herbert24


cc @dkayiwa @ssmusoke

Apologies in advance for coming in late and now causing confusion - did the growth charts necessitate a new module, could they not have been added as part of coreapps?

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@ssmusoke ,after several PM calls and discussions, we came to a conclusion , to create a complete new module for the growthcharts , just because coreapps is becoming too bulky and unnecesarily lengthy to build. so it was concluded i create a new module. There was an old module for growthchart for the platform but we concluded we deprecate the old module and create a new module for growthcharts for reff app. cc @dkayiwa

@mozzy Thanks for the clarification, makes sense

Dear Community Members

I would like to encourage all Dev’s especially @Dev0, @Dev1 & @dev2 to spend sometime this week reviewing tickets for the Ref 2.10 release.

As defined in the Dev stages page One of the key that are considered for progression to higher Dev levels are the number of tickets that a Dev reviews.

This is also being taken into consideration for Scholarship applications for major activities like the Implementer conference.

The full JIRA board for these tickets can be found here:


:+1: @c.antwi

It would be great to always share our code review wiki page, whenever we call people for reviews:


Well noted @dkayiwa