Call for OpenMRS nominees to Open Source Initiative (OSI) board

As many of you know, OpenMRS is an affiliate member of the Open Source Initiative (OSI), one of the major industry groups for open source software. As an affiliate member, we are allowed to nominate up to two individuals (one for each of two open seats) on the OSI board.

If you are interested in being nominated, please contact me directly by private Message here on OpenMRS Talk. If you have further questions or comments about OSI, or the board and/or election process, feel free to reply to this topic. Nominations open on 1 February, so don’t delay.

For more information on the process, see:


Michael - I looked at the elections page, but am curious if you know more about the time commitment, responsiblities, etc.? Is there specific benefit to OpenMRS from having one of our community be in one of the Affiliate seats?

Thanks, Bill

Great question! If you look at the lower half of you’ll see some details about expectations and responsibilities, etc.

I think OpenMRS benefits from a strong OSI board, whoever the members are. :smile: That said, I think there are some people within our community who have various strengths & talents to offer OSI and its current initiatives, particularly those in the areas of NPOs, education, and government. (And possibly others!)

I’d encourage anyone interested to thoroughly review the site to understand the current projects and initiatives of the organization to see if it’s a good match for that person’s interests.