Calculation of balance when paying invoice in OpenERP

Please, i have a problem in OpenERP. In Sales module, i need calculation of balance when paying invoice. Because in our context, we pay invoice once. As the point of sale of OpenERP is not installed, i need sales module to perform this action, to prevent cashier from making mistakes when serving clients (Especially at times of great affluence).

Or is there a point of sale integration specialized for Bahmni-erp ?


Hi @soopafly

When we click on the Sale Order -->View Invoice, we have an option “Register Payment”.

The cashier can enter the amount paid in the column “Paid Amount” and click “Validate”. This will evaluate the balance due.

I suppose this will fulfill the requirement of the Point Of Sale based on your description.

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Thank you very much @vmalini. It is exactly what i was looking for!

hello @vmalini! I’m coming back with this topic, because i’ve tested it, and it seemed to work fine until i try to do a refund to a customer. When doing the refund, the application wants to refund the whole amount paid by the patient that day (price + balance) instead of just refunding the price of the goods he received. Because he has already received the balance. How can i handle this ? Does this means OpenERP put that balance in an account, instead of considering it given back to the customer ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Can you help me out in my one instance paid amount reflect automatically and in another instance paid amount shows 0.00 it does not show amount due automatically can you tell me where to make changes so that it can automatically reflect the amount of amount due in paid amount.

Can you do some screenshots so that I can get the point ?

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Thank you for your response.I have attached two images of two different instance in one instance you will see paid amount 0.00 and total balance 8000 and in another instance you can see that paid amount 353.50 which is automatically generated when i click on Register payment or Confirm sale.below are the screenshot