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Hello community,

Basing on the discussion below, is it Ok for the ticket on this link https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/RA-1176 - Add System Info to the reference application UI to be bumping off from RefApp 2.8.0?

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Wyclif Luyima We don’t need that on Legacy UI ,for backwards compatibility? FYI Suthagar Kailayapathy , however i have tested the owa at https://demo.openmrs.org/openmrs/owa/SystemAdministration/index.html#/system-info (https://demo.openmrs.org/)and it works well.

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This is a fairly old ticket, I believe some of these features are now provided by the system admin owa which didn’t exist at the time, so we need to implement just those that are not yet provided.

CC @tendomart, @suthagar23, @wyclif

I’m fine with bumping this.

Also, if the target release is really next week, I think it’s completely fair for you to take even more initiative @jwnasambu and have a single post listing a bunch of tickets that you will bump, and give everyone a couple days at most to raise objection, and the go ahead and bump them.

My two cents, at least…

Take care, Mark

@mogoodrich , @jwnasambu it was actually supposed to be a question.The feature was not added to Legacy , which now ships as a module in 2.x , rather @suthagar23 added it to Sysadmin OWA

What is your view? i suppose i quoted your conversion.

I think, you have misplaced the ticektId here. It should be, https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/RA-1176 - Add System Info to the reference application UI

System Information Page from the SysAdmin OWA was already attached to the Ref App 2.7.0 release. I have just updated some other features which are mentioned in the RA-1176 ticket to that page. So better to attach the updated version(v1.1) to the Ref 2.8.0 release. You can get it from here, https://bintray.com/suthagar23/owa/openmrs-owa-sysadmin/v1.1

@jwnasambu +1 to what Mark says here.

In general the job of a Reference Application release manager is more like: find work that is already done, and make sure it’s packaged and mentioned in release notes.

(and it’s less about getting people to do more work in the final weeks).

Thanks for the feedback

PS- @jwnasambu, you are doing a great job at this, by the way. Just trying to share a hint that will get us closer to the timeline. :slight_smile: