Built in Report in openmrs reference application 2.0.7 using how to transfer or built in openmrs platform 1.11.9?

I was using openmrs reference application2.0.7 but due to some reason,I shifted to openmrs platform 1.11.9. In openmrs platform there are pre-configured reports like list of users, list of diagnosis etc.I am not able to find those reports in openmrs platform 1.11.9. @dkayiwa suggest me to use the latest openmrs coreApp module,but doing that there are lots of dependencies issues.I don’t want to get into that problem.So Is there a simple way to import or build reports on platform 1.11.9. Please suggest some suggestion it’s important for our application.

Thanks in advance

In the reference application version 2.7.0, try replace its war file with that of platform 1.11.9 and see what happens.

I don’t get your point.Can you please tell me in more detail. Do I need to changed my existing war file with refrence application 2.0.7?

Go to your OpenMRS Server directory and replace the openmrs-2.0.7.war platform file with openmrs-1.11.9 platform file.

Or else you can install the platform 1.11.9 using the OpenMRS SDK.

Yes,I already did this.but right now I don’t pre-configured reports.