Building compliant healthcare applications without coding, anyone interested in early access?

Hi guys,

my name is Tarek, I am a medical doctor & a startup founder based in Germany. We are building a solution to speed up the development of compliant healthcare tools. It will let you combine data from multiple sources, use pre-built visual elements and many out-of-the-box API connectors (for medical AI & IoT), So you can build your tools much faster, but also use code for complete flexibility.

I am wondering if someone is interested in getting early access?

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Nice to meet doctor am interested in getting that early access

Thanks Kizito, my pleasure! could you please share your email via pm.

What would be the first medical application you would build?

Not very sure but can you give me some of them please so that I choose

Hi Tarek, Is your solution open source? Can it be hosted locally? Could you provide a bit more information on what the tool actually does? Are you building a data aggregator that allows you to combine data for a specific patient in one view coming from different sources? (similar to dashboarding tools - i.e. Tableau, PowerBI, etc.| Medical data aggregator - Microsoft Amalga (deprecated)) or is it more than that?


Am interested in that but how can I access open mrs data base

have you looked at getting started with openmrs documents?

No i haven’t but let try do so thanks mr herbert

@jesplana thanks for asking, we are still building the product, it will be commercial but happy to share free access with the early supporters

I would love to give you a short demo and get your feedback. Feel free to book a call when available!