building a git command

Hello @janie kindly read through here or use first method mentioned here

@jonathan thanks, let me try out

@jonathan i have tried setting the system variable and setting the eclipse like previously but there is no success. and right now when i run mvn _version from the command prompt this what i get

am realy wondering where i went wrong.

Please share your how your environmental variables are set

@dbaluku they are set as below

@dbaluku this is for ecplise

set your JAVA_HOME to be C:\Program Files\Java\jdk folder

You can then save and open an new cmd and do mvn -version

@dbaluku thanks so much this time it has worked well

thanks again

@dbaluku i have tried running mvn clean and this what i get.

i humbly welcome the idea on how to solve it as i think it will help me solve the mvn clean install error. thanks…

@janie did you again forget that advise from @herbert24? :slightly_smiling_face:

I mean concerning this error

@ndacyayisenga i didn’t forget it . it is what exactly i do…but guess what the error still surfaces… :weary:

@janie The first error you get is trying to tell you that the command has to be run within the project. If you running a project like openmrs-core, open the project in any IDE like intellij or Eclipse and on the cmd you can then type "mvn clean install "

@dbaluku thanks let me do itoo…