build 'my' own distro docker-image, with additionally - not-in-maven but local - modules

Hello, so trying out several things, but stuck here, please help, thank you!

1/ Copy the file from the reference app (have downloaded it).

running the SDK to create a distro, with another title. – it is downloading these modules and owa, and the war-file

2/ Adding additional modules (self-written, not in the web) to the folder /modules

3/ adding the lines of ‘my’ modules to both files: and … ah.

so now I stuck. how can I create a docker-image out of that?

or say: how can I create my own docker-image with additional modules that are taken from local?

or is the way to go: creating a docker-image of the referenceapp with the sdk. then, operating on that image: adding ‘my’ modules by volum-link, and in the image (docker exec -it …) adding the lines to indicate ‘my’ modules to the properties-files I can find there?

thank you very much! … sorry have not explained why. That is for a very small clinic and for a start, there should be as least computer maintenance needed as possible (otherwise sure let’s install apache etc.) Thank you very much.